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CCJHA Registration

CCJHA Online Registration Information

Online Registration for the CCJHA 2016-2017 season is now open.  The online registration requires that you first register with USA Hockey, as you will need the USA Hockey confirmation number to proceed.  If you already have a Dibs account, there is a spot on the bottom left of the registration page for you to log in to continue registration.  You need to update your Dibs registration  if you haven't yet for this season.  Dibs accounts need to be updated every year. If you haven’t yet created an account, there is a button on the bottom right corner of the registration page to create an account to proceed.  You will still need to go into the Dibs system and register for the volunteer hours once you set up your account.

For those familiar with the various forms required during registration, the online registration also asks for the same information.  For a list and description of these additional forms, visit

At the end of the registration process, you will have three (3) payment options.  You can pay online via credit card, or via electronic check (it will ask for the routing and account number from the bottom of the check), or you can pay offline.  There is a $10 per family charge for paying online.  If you register multiple children, the system will add a $10 for each child, but during the check-out process you will only be charged $10.   If you decide to pay offline, the system will ask for a password.  The password to continue is CCJHA2016.  Please make checks payable to CCJHA and either drop payment off during the on-site registration at the Houghton County Arena on Tuesday, September 20th from 6:00-8:00pm, or mail check to:

P.O. Box 502
Hancock, MI 49930

Link for CCJHA Online Registration:

Link to USA Hockey Registration:

If you have any questions about the process, please email webmaster Scott Bershing at

CCJHA Registration Info

Welcome to our CCJHA Registration site.  We know there is a lot of "Paper Work" to get our players on the ice.  Filling out all the paperwork ahead of time will speed up the time it takes to get through the registration process.

Here is a list of what you will need to fill out and bring with you.

1. Register with our DIBS-Concession Volunteer site.  This DIBS site will allow you to schedule your volunteer time in our concession stands once the season gets underway.  Your family will only need to sign up once per year at this site.  Use the link below the MAHA STAR Video.  Once you sign up you should receive an email from CCJHA.  Please print out the email you receive and bring it with you to Registration.

2. Register your players at the USA Hockey Registration site.  Cost is $45 per player.  Print out the Bar-Code form after payment and bring this to our registration.~ MIDGET PLAYERS SHOULD HOLD OFF ON THIS STEP UNTIL WE ARE SURE WE HAVE ENOUGH PLAYERS FOR A TEAM.

3. Parent Code of Conduct Form.  This form is required by Michigan Amateur Hockey Association to be signed by all parents of our players.  Please watch the STAR video here on this page prior to signing the form.  Coaches are required to have this form in their team books.

4. Players Code of Conduct Form.  This is another form required by Michigan Amateur Hockey Association.  Have each player read the form and sign it.

5. Players Consent to Treat Form.  Please fill it out for each player and bring it to Registration.

6. Concession Stand Agreement Form.  Parents are required to work 7-hours per player in our concession stands or pay an opt-out fee of $175.  Please fill out and sign the form and bring it with you to Registration.

7. Concussion Form.  Please read the information about concussions on the site, fill out and sign the form and bring it to registration.

2016-2017 CCJHA Registration Rates   
  House League           Birth Years:   
Developing Mites(6U)  2010 to 2013 $200
ADM Mites(8U)             2008 to 2009 $360
Squirts(10U)                2006 to 2007 $440
Pee Wee(12U)             2004 to 2005 $480
Bantams(14U)             2002 to 2003 $560
Midget(16U/18U)         1998 to 2001 $560(HOLD OFF ON USA HOCKEY SIGNUP FOR MIDGETS)
Girls (19U)                   1997 to TBD $500

AA League
Squirts(10U)                2006 to 2007 $610
Pee Wee(12U)             2004 to 2005 $665
Bantams(14U)             2002 to 2003 $760
Girls (19U)                   1997 to TBD $560


If you have any questions please contact our Registrar below:


Reminder on Mobile phones in the Locker Rooms.

Mobile phones, iPod's or anything else that can take pictures or video are strictly prohibited from all locker rooms. Leave them in your cars or give them to your parents. DO NOT BRING THEM IN THE LOCKER ROOM! Penalties for breaking this rule include game suspensions.

DIBS 2016-2017

Visit or click to sign up for the 2016-17 DIBS account.

Birth Certificate - if you have never played with CCJHA, a copy of the players birth certificate will be required to be kept on file.  All past/prior players should have them on file.

Jamie Karry

Registrar ~ Safesport Rep

Phone: 231-5547