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CCJHA Registration Fees for 2022-2023

By Jon French, 08/23/22, 4:15PM EDT


With the recent increases in cost of living affecting food, fuel and utilities, it was inevitable that there would also be a cost increase in ice fees. To keep the lights on and the compressors running at the rinks, these increased costs have to be passed along to those renting the ice. Based on the number of hours of ice CCJHA rented for the 2021-2022 season and the recent Houghton County Arena's $25 per hour ice rental increase, the CCJHA'a ice cost is expected to go up $7500 for the upcoming 2022-2023 season. 

I'm ecstatic to report that the CCJHA Booster Club has generously donated that $7500 to keep the player fees low for our kids and their families. The Booster Club's generosity epitomizes our community's commitment to our local youth and youth hockey programs. The ability to maintain our already low player fees will hopefully lessen CCJHA families' financial burden while providing their children the opportunity to have fun, grow and develop their hockey skills. 

With that, I strongly encourage all CCJHA members to both join and support our CCJHA Booster Club. Their impact on the CCJHA and our youth players goes well beyond this most recent donation. CCJHA coaching and referee training/certification fee reimbursements, player scholarships, snacks and refreshments around the rinks, tournament preparations are just some of the many services that they provide.

Understanding that everyone is extremely busy throughout the hockey season, the members of the CCJHA Booster Club really need volunteers and help. I ask that all CCJHA members work with the Booster Club to help in whatever capacity possible to maintain the incredible support the Booster Club continuously provides to our Association. 

In summary, we can't express our gratitude enough to the CCJHA Booster Club for helping keep player fees down. Please, I urge everyone to get involved with the Booster Club to allow the incredible services they provide to our Association and your children to continue. 


Jon French
President, Copper Country Junior Hockey Association (CCJHA)