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Coaching Resources

Coach Registration

2019-20 Online Coach Registration

If you are interested in coaching for the 2019-20 season, visit h

Coaches need to be registered for USA Hockey for the season they plan to coach.  If you haven't yet registered with USA Hockey, visit

Other requirements for coaching are outlined below.


Your Coaching paperwork needs to be forwarded to the registrar, and prospective coaches must be approved by the CCJHA Board of Directors before being eligible to be on the ice.  You can email your information to our registrar.  WE STILL NEED MORE COACHES, especially with our Developing Mite and ADM-Mite Programs.  If you haven't signed up to coach yet, please register!

*Coaches must have all of their required age-specific modules, background check, and safe sport complete and current before they can participate on the ice and be rostered with a team.  The exception is for the level clinics, which still have a December 31 deadline.

Coaching Clinics

Please visit USA Hockey to see USA Hockey coaching requirements.

Copper Country:

Level 2 and 3 - CEP High Performance - November 5 # 6, 6 - 10 p.m.

Level 1- December 21st - Houghton County Arena


Level 3 - September 28th - Lakeview Arena

Level 2 - October 6th - Lakeview Arena

Level 1 - October 19th - Barry Events (Wildcat Room)

Click Below to Register

Important Information:

Mobile Phones in Locker Rooms.

Mobile phones, iPod's or anything else that can take pictures or video are strictly prohibited from all locker rooms. Advise your players/coaches/parents to leave them in their cars or give them to someone else. MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT BRING THEM IN THE LOCKER ROOM! Penalties for breaking this rule include game suspensions.

Coaching with CCJHA

If you are interested in a coaching position with the Copper Country Junior Hockey Association, please contact the Coaching Director (see below).

Coaching requirements are listed on the MAHA and USA Hockey web sites.  Use the links below to register and fill out required forms.  All forms completed and collected should be given to the registrar (see below) for inclusion in the team credentials book.

Among other requirements, coaches must attend and complete a coaching clinic and complete an on-line age specific course.  Questions about coaching clinics should be addressed to the Coaching Director. Local clinics will be announced here and on the CCJHA home page.

Coaching Links

1) USA Hockey Registration site

Click the link above to go to the USA Hockey online registration site. Be sure to print the confirmation page with the bar code and submit it to the registrar. This is also the site used for coach and referee registration. $45

2) Safesport Training - For all Coaches, Manager, and Locker Room Monitors

All Coaches, Manager, and Locker Room Monitors must complete this Safesport safety training. This training is FREE. Please print the Completion Certificate and bring it to our Registrar. Safesport training is good for 2-seasons. NOTE: You will need to provide your USA Hockey Registration number to take the training.

3) MAHA - Background Check Application - Code of Conduct

COACHES - MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT AND READ THE CODE OF CONDUCT! And bring a copy the Background Check email you receive to our Registrar. MAHA requires background checks for all coaches, managers, officials, board members and all volunteers of junior hockey. This is a national search for the background check. $12. You will need your NGIN/DIBS account log-in for the background check. This background check is good for 2-years, so please save the information for next season.NOTE: You will need to provide your USA Hockey Registration number to complete the Background Screening. NOTE: Screenings are taking up to 2-weeks to finish.


Position Open

Coaching Director

Sara Tormala

Registrar ~ Safesport Rep