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Help with Using

This section contains basic information about using the web site.  This information is available for download in .pdf format using the links to the right.  For more information, contact the Web Site Administrator using the contact information below.  Scroll down for the Dibs Help area.

Scott Bershing

Web Site Administrator FAQ

updated 15 September, 2010

CCJHA has started a new web site.  The site is based on the Sport NGIN package currently in use with other hockey associations and teams around the area.  This FAQ was created to answer some basic questions folks may have about our new site and what we can do with it.

How does the site work?  Buttons across the menu bar are used to access the different functions of the site.  Buttons down the left side of the home page access information about the site, registration, coaching, and other topics.

What is the Teams area?  By clicking on the Teams button, you can access each CCJHA team's page.  There is general info about each program (Developing, House, Travel), as well as links to each individual team's page.

Does each team have their own page?  Yes.  Each house and travel team has their own page, complete with their roster, game schedule, statistics, calendar, and news.

Can we edit our team page?  Yes.  You can add games and events, enter stats, post photos, and more.

How do I find my children's schedule(s)?  The Calendar button shows the CCJHA calendar.  Practice and game schedules will be done using both methods this season.  The traditional printable schedule will be available using the Schedules link on the left of the home page.  The ice schedule will also be on the CCJHA calendar.

What's the trick to the Calendar?  It's so crowded.  When everything is rolling, the calendar will seem a little crowded with all the events.  To see only the events that interest you, use the tag menu.  Click SHOW TAG MENU at the top of the calendar and select only the categories that you want to see.  For example, clear all tags except your children's team(s) to see just their practices and games.  Multiple tags, multiple teams.

News?  Yes, the News page lists announcements and news items.  Like the Calendar, the tag menu can be used to filter news items.  Most of the same news items also appear on the home page slide show.

What is the Documents page for?  All of the documents posted in all areas of the site are collected here, so you won't have to remember where it was you found it before.

Who are the Board members and how do I contact them?  The Board page lists all officers and staff, along with their phone number and an email link.

What is Dibs?  Dibs is the online tool that the CCJHA Auxiliary is using this year to schedule volunteer hours.  See the Dibs Help sheet for more info.

I see a Create an Account link.  Do I need an account?  You need to create an NGIN account on only if you (1) need to schedule volunteer hours using Dibs, (2) want to edit your team's page, or (3) stay informed via message or email.

How does messaging work on  If you created an NGIN account on, you can receive messages from organizers.  After you log in, click the button with your user name in the upper left and select Messages from the drop down menu to view your messages.

How do I stay informed?
  You can receive an email whenever you receive a message from  After you log in, click the button with your user name and select Account Settings from the drop down menu.  In the Email Me When: section, be sure the option for your name receives a message is set to Yes.

How do I find out more about the Sport NGIN web site package?  Go to their web site using the NGIN link.

How do I get help with  Who do I contact about editing my team's page?  Contact the Web Site Administrator using the contact information above.

Dibs Help

updated 15 September, 2010

Dibs is an online tool for use in scheduling volunteer shifts and for volunteers to claim responsibility for (or "get dibs" on) those volunteer work shifts.  Volunteers can choose from available shifts and claim responsibility online.  Once the shift is completed, credit is issued and the hours worked are reflected on your Dibs account.

You must create a NGIN account on before you can register for Dibs.  This is accomplished by clicking the Create an Account link in the upper left of the home page, then completing the Account Creation form.  Please record your username and password because you will need to login to the web site each time you want to perform Dibs tasks.  If you forget, your password can be retrieved using the Login page.

Follow the procedure below to register as a volunteer.  This only needs to be done once.
   - On the Home page, click the Volunteers link in the left side menu.
   - On the Volunteers page, click the link in STEP 1 to activate your Dibs account.  A new browser will open.
   - Click the Continue button on the Volunteer Registration Welcome window.
   - Complete the form on the Family Information page.  All form fields are required.  Click the Submit and Continue button.
   - Review your information.  If all is correct, click the Complete Registration button.
Your DIBs registration is complete.  You may now use the DIBS link on the right end of the horizontal menu bar to begin claiming responsibility for volunteer shifts.

Follow the procedure below to claim responsibility for Dibs Items.
   - Login to the web site using your NGIN login and password.
   - Click the DIBS link on the horizontal menu bar from most pages on
   - Click the Dibs session you have been assigned to.  This will be something like Volunteers   - 1 Skater Family.
   - You can use the List View and filters or the Calendar View to view available shifts.  Once you find a shift you would like to claim, click the link for that shift.
   - Review the details for the shift you have selected.  If you want to claim the shift, click the CLAIM THIS DIB ITEM button.
   - On the claim form, enter the name of the person working the shift and their contact number, then click the Claim Dib Item button.  The shift will no longer be listed as available for you or others to claim, and the shift will now be listed on your Dibs page.

   - Click the My Dibs: View all of my currently claimed Dib items link on the DIBS page, or select Dibs in the drop down user menu in the upper left corner of any web page.
   - Clicking a Dib Session in the Assigned Dib Sessions list will take you back to the Dibs page.
   - Clicking a Dib Item in the Claimed Dib Items list will open that item.  From this page, you can cancel a shift or request cancellation, and verify completion of a shift.  Verifying completion on the web site is not required to receive credit for the Dib item.

Dib items (shifts) may cancelled online if it is more than seven days before the scheduled shift.  Within seven days of the shift, you must request cancellation from the Dibs administrator.

If computer access is a problem for you, contact the Web Site Administrator to arrange to schedule Dibs items.  If you need further assistance with using the web site, contact the Web Site Administrator using the contact information above.